Thursday, November 26, 2009

In Print | In Process | Snacking with Dan Funderburgh

Fundertalk 5

Fundertalk 10

A week ago, I was able to attend Dan's first public talk and demonstration, In Print | In Process: Dan Funderburgh. The event was held at the Museum of Arts & Design here in NYC, in conjunction with American Craft magazine (there's an article on Dan in the latest issue). I'm biased, but I'm also insightful, and I say he presented with integrity and wit to the overflowing house.

DF in AC

The talk and demonstration were fun (and informative!), but I especially enjoyed our overpriced dinner and drinks at Ace Hotel NY afterward. Friends gathered in the hotel bar and lobby both to congratulate Dan and to celebrate tall-and-talented-drink-of-water Brock's birthday.

Not so late-night

The hotel's atmosphere was jovial -- and not, as I'd feared, snooty -- but my grilled cheese and ham sandwich was the shining star. It was splendiferous (of course, at $16, it should have been) -- hot and crunchy and melted cheesy, served with a few incredible cornichons and a fab spicy mustard for dipping. Cheese, pickles, and mustard are three of my favorite things, individually or together.

$16 (for the whole thing)

The only dark spots on the evening?
  • Dan's (chicken?) sandwich was a little less exciting than mine (but I liked mine too much to go halvsies).
  • The waitress said she couldn't make me a white Russian. (You're a trendy hotel with a kitchen and full bar. You don't have milk or cream back there somewhere?)
  • Our sandwiches and drinks came to $80-something. (We were only there an hour or two.)
I wouldn't call those spots too dark, though. They were more like flickers of wrong in the midst of a whole lot of right.

Congratulations again, Dan! I can't wait for my next opportunity to celebrate your accomplishments with terrific food.



Mechanic said...

Yay Dan!

Jennette said...

Thanks for your support!

ladymoxie said...

cheese, pickles and mustard are three of my favorite things as well. Great post! Congrats Dan!

Jennette said...

Thanks for commenting, Ms. Moxie. ;) I get more pickles AND cheese with Thanksgiving dinner tonight. I'll have to work mustard in somehow.

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