Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Welcome back, laptop! I missed you, Snackreligious.

FeastRaiser 18
[photo by Dan]

I hope you haven't been standing around for too long,waiting for my return.

Well, hi there!

In the interest of paying our rent (my paycheck goes to supporting my snacking habits)*, Dan took an on-site job last week and borrowed my laptop for several days. This did not make it impossible for me to blog, but it made it much less comfortable and somewhat less convenient. Consequently, I did not manage to write any posts during that time period (and a few days on either side, when things were feeling busy).

Rest assured, if you can, that I thought about you all constantly. Also, I did not stop eating or taking photos during this period. I cannot abandon the cause. We've made our way into serious eating territory now, by my calendar. Onward!

* Just kidding!


Anonymous said...

we missed you too!

Jennette said...


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