Friday, November 6, 2009

On the Hook

Sweet Potato Pie 1

I attended last night's "launcheroo" for The Meat Hook and Brooklyn Kitchen Labs, a neighborhood butcher shop and teaching space being opened by the good people of Brooklyn Kitchen.

From the BKK blog:

At the helm, Tom Mylan and Brent Young (formerly of Marlow and Daughters) will provide the best meat and charcuterie this side of just about anywhere. The Meat Hook will exist inside the larger Brooklyn Kitchen Labs, which will feature 2 full teaching kitchens, so we can have more classes, including weekends as well as special events.

The space will also have a much expanded Cookbook section, as well as bulk food goods and spices.

They're aiming to be up and running on November 11th. That seems ambitious, given how raw the space still is, but I'm on board.


I didn't see a lot of "store" at the event, but it's a lovely, big space. There's a large open shop floor, a dry-goods room with a giant antique scale, a gorgeous white (enamel?) cooler and stove, an impressive meat grinder, a teaching space with skylights and a splendid exposed brick wall, and a second story that will hold another classroom alongside office space. Read more about the plans.

Keeping up with Little Miss "I can grab that."

Sweet Potato Pie 2

The launch event was fun and casual and tasty -- neighborhood folks, Brooklyn Kitchen friends and friendly strangers (I even got to meet the adorable BKK baby Moxie), pickles, nibbles, beer, Lillet cocktails, and slices of a nice sweet potato pie with graham cracker crust. I was already a Brooklyn Kitchen fan, and I'm pleased to welcome its sister establishment to the family.


The Meat Hook is and will be located at 100 Frost Street in Brooklyn. Opening soon!


Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to make some sweet potato pie of my own!


Anonymous said...

what was the lillet cocktail? i am a sucker for that wine-y liquor and never know what to do with it...

Jennette said...

I don't remember! Brandy, I think. If you go to they have lots of cocktail ideas, but none looked quite like what I had.

your sis said...

2 things:

1. A baby named Moxie? That cracks me up. Back in high school, Kyle and I had plans to get married and name our first baby "Amoxicillin" and call her Moxie for short. I assume this baby had a different full name (or maybe Moxie was her full name) but makes me laugh.

2. I kind of love their logo (as seen on the coozies). If they sell t-shirts, you should buy one and I'll send you money for it. I'd wear that. And I LOVE meat, so it's true. "Get hooked." hee hee hee....

Jennette said...


1. I like Moxie as a name, but that's a whole new angle if it's short for Amoxicillin! Also, I had the soda called Moxie for the first time this summer. It tastes a little odd.

2. I'll keep an eye out for t-shirts!

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