Saturday, November 28, 2009

We joined the club.

Weber Turkey

I have never hosted a big holiday meal, and have certainly never been in charge of the turkey for Thanksgiving (it's actually a dish I wouldn't miss, were it to disappear from the holiday's celebration), but I understand that some people are quite passionate about the bird at the center of many American tables on a certain Thursday in late November.

"Cook your turkey on a Weber Grill!" certain Grill-The-Turkey cult members proclaim. This year, we did.

The end result was tasty enough, and the preparation seemed to be low-fuss from where I was sitting.

What's your favorite method of whole turkey prep?


Bets said...

join THIS club. This is the awesome poultry. Plus, ours only took about 2 hours in the oven (though it did take a day or so of brining, which takes up the entire refrigerator.) (Worth it.)

Jennette said...

Oooh.. Looks great. We've brined in the past with delicious results.

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