Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth...

Wedding cookies

...but DO put gift cookies in your mouth!

I was pleased and delighted to attend Tim and Holly's wedding last weekend. They were married on a roof that has never looked so lovely (and I've been on it for a number of raucous parties), surrounded by friends, family, and an evening sky which seemed to have ceased its raining precisely to accommodate our celebration.

Wedding view

A week or two before the wedding, Holly asked me if I might be able to provide some cookies for the reception. She applied no pressure. She didn't need to. I am a cookie baker by nature -- and I'm still in my "off season." I happily agreed to spend a couple of nights baking as my gift to the couple and their guests.

Butter, cocoa

Cookie Detritus

For this occasion, I thought it would be good to provide sweets both delicious and a bit "mature." Holly herself suggested chocolate or oatmeal as possible themes. I chose to go with both ideas, and make two flavorful favorites from last year's Cookie Party menu: Salty Oatmeal Cookies (sprinkled with sea salt) and Chocolate Butter Cookies With a Mint Glaze (pictured, in progress, above and below this paragraph).

The road to marriage

(photo by Dan)

Ultimately, I was thrilled with how both varieties turned out, though I didn't snap pictures of the oatmeal cookies until the big day. And on that night, when they joined the buffet? The photo sits atop this post.

I checked in with the duo a few times during the evening -- the cookies, not the couple! Both seemed to be well-received by guests (Tim and Holly looked like they were having fun, too). I did prefer one (again, we're talking cookies here). The oatmeal were my personal favorite, but I heard from others who liked the chocolate more. You should probably try both recipes. It's only fair.

One thing that had concerned me was whether I had made the cookies in enough quantity. Told Tim and Holly were expecting around 110 people, I made just under 150 of the oatmeal cookies (which were much bigger), and more than 300 (I kept losing count) of the small chocolate butter cookies. It turns out this was plenty -- even more than enough. I should have mentioned to the happy couple how well any uneaten cookies would freeze.

All the concerns about quantity and size and flavor faded in the end. What mattered was how much fun everyone had celebrating H+T. It wasn't about the cookies at all, and I knew that. But, returning home after such a sweet and savory evening, I was still happy my sometimes-obsessive love of baking could be harnessed and used to honor lovely friends.

Congratulations, Holly and Tim! Happy eating!

p.s. The rest of the food/drink provided during the reception? What an amazing buffet and bar. Well, well done. My cookies were in the finest company. I wish I had a photo of Renee's outlandish date, pear, and almond cake. Too much goodness. I nearly burst, in the happiest way.




Dan said...

Triple triumph !

Jennette said...


Holly said...

Oh Jenny! The cookies were superb! Thank you so much for the wonderful addition to the dessert table. The delicious cake had very good company. No need to tell us about freezing - they've been steadily disappearing over the past few days. No cookies will go to waste, believe me!
The generosity of our friends was simply overwhelming. We cannot thank you enough.

Jennette said...

Holly, it really was my pleasure. The cake ruled the night, though. What a showstopper!

Holly said...

Jenny, I just randomly found a link to this blog post in my email today - our four year anniversary. It seems silly to say thank you again, all these years later, but my heart is warmed reading this post again. I miss all of our New York friends so very much, especially on this day!

Jennette said...

It was a lovely day. We miss you, too!

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