Friday, October 9, 2009

The fax we didn't throw away.

Fax your menu.

Agnes and Eva's Tasty Goods opened nine weeks ago on 13th Street, between 2nd and 3rd avenues. I don't often make my way to that block during my searches for lunch in Union Square.

When I finally did get way over there yesterday, it was because someone had faxed "a thousand" (so the woman behind the counter told me) menus to area offices. Ours was one of those offices.

We receive a lot of junky faxes, as well as menus shoved under our door (which I enjoy immediately shoving back), but Wendi, our Admin Queen, usually tosses them into the recycling bin immediately. This menu caught her eye, though, and she kept it. Moreover, she kept it on her desk, where I spotted it. And that banal chain of events led me to Agnes and Eva's.

It is a cute establishment, a few steps down from the street. It was nearly empty at 2:30 pm, with ample space for people to sit and eat or drink -- with friends, books, laptops, or their thoughts. The place was a casual cross between a coffee shop and a cafe, with a reasonably priced menu and excellent, super-tart, pulpy lemonade. My drink and an order of baked-to-order three cheese macaroni and cheese cost pennies under $10, which is good for the neighborhood. The service was friendly and swift (I had called ahead, as the macaroni takes 15-20 minutes).

I think I'll return to Agnes and Eva's to try a dessert and a chai latte, or to enjoy a sandwich with a bottle of MASH Water (which I've never had). It's good to have another lunch option near Union Square, and it's nice to have a little bit of luck with an unbidden fax.

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