Friday, October 9, 2009

Blade Runner made Funner.

Oh, Harrison.

Zhora and Replicant Rice Pris-y Treat
(Replicant's Rocky Road Rice Pris-y Treats at the movies)

Replicant's Rocky Road Rice Pris-y Bars
(That's chocolate, Nutella, salted and toasted almonds, mini marshmallows, and rice cereal. Yes.)

GMN Week seven

Film: Blade Runner ("Final Cut" version)
Snack: Double Deckard Cheese Melts, Replicant's Rocky Road Rice Pris-y Treats, wine, flourless chocolate tart, something like tiramisu (?).
Guests: Dan, Molly, David.
Outcome: This is one of my favorite movies, and we finally own it on DVD (and Blu-Ray, to boot). Molly and David brought a well-chosen wine and desserts from Il Passatore. The movie was a little gorier than I remembered, but I didn't miss the voice-over.

Double Deckard Cheese

If you'd like to make the cheese melts, which were amazing, follow this recipe. I used shallot salt instead of onion salt, and added a little red onion and hot mustard to the cheese mixture. We also topped them with parsley before baking.

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