Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I must have done something good.

Heath bar doughnut

Let me just say that Mr. Dan does not frequent "big box" doughnut establishments. So it must have been a sacrifice for him to enter a Dunkin' D. last weekend after soccer practice to buy me a breakfast of doughnuts (it was even his idea; I did not prompt).

I was (and remain) honored and touched by Dan's thoughtful braving of corporate doughnutdom, though we did not actually eat what he presented until the next day -- this due to my own tragic cookie overdose that morning (of which Dan had been unaware) that left me unable to consider eating anything sweet for several hours.

The special edition Heath Bar doughnut pictured above looked like it was going to be a star. However, perhaps because it was day-old, there was no crunch to the toffee pieces, and the whole thing just tasted like a yellow doughnut with too much sugary frosting on top.

I say it could have been a tad stale, but frankly all three DD doughnuts (the other two being blueberry cake and chocolate cake with light glaze) were perfectly soft and pliable on day two, despite having been stored in a non-airtight paper bag on our kitchen table. This may not bode well, as I suspect artificial ingredients are what allow a doughnut to weather time so freakishly well.


Andi said...

we miss DD so much. there are none in st. louis. try their toasted coconut one. delicious.

Jennette said...

Blueberry's my favorite, with Boston Creme running a close second, but I'll try toasted coconut next time I see it!

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