Friday, October 9, 2009

Sweet and Lowdown

Cat on rug2
(photo by Dan)

I'm feeling a little low. My cat's spending the night at the veterinarian's office, due to a suddenly blocked urethra. I miss that bugger.

But I'm trying to keep good thoughts in my head while waiting to hear his prognosis. My memory of the cheesecake Ethan brought to work yesterday is one of those good thoughts. It was certainly the high point of the work day.

Junior's - 4 kinds

You see, Ethan's birthday was last weekend, and his brother got him an amazing gift -- a cheesecake sampler from Junior's. I felt a little like it was my birthday when Ethan brought some of the leftovers to share with us.

Junior's - 2 kinds

I've always meant to get to Junior's but haven't yet. This taste of their wares whet my appetite for another slice. Hopefully I'll have something to celebrate in my cat's continuing recovery. Good news tomorrow morning could just necessitate more cheesecake.


Amanda said...

Hope your kitty is better! It's always tough when they're sick...

Oh that cheesecake looks AMAZING.

Jennette said...

He is doing SO much better. Thanks for the thought!

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