Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mo' GuS, MoMA!

No Age at MoMA

While watching No Age play at MoMA after a Spike Jonze skate video retrospective and panel, I found I wasn't that interested in drinking the mini Colt 45s (Colt 22 1/2s?) being served. So what did I have?

GuS drink

Wait. It's pretty dark in there. Can you, just this once, use your flash?

GuS with flash

Apparently, GuS ("Grown-up Soda;" not the greatest name) Dry Cranberry Lime makes a good mixer, but I liked it straight up. I had two.

Other observations from the evening:

1. Not everyone knows how to facilitate a panel discussion.
2. Nor does every skateboarder knows how to speak directly into a microphone and thereby ensure he (or she, though there were no female skaters in any of the videos or on the panel) will be heard by an audience.
3. Catherine Keener and Spike Jonze are friends. I remember when he was in Sassy. Did she have the first issue of Dirt? I did.
4. No Age likes their music really loud and their lyrics unintelligible. I thought one of the songs might have been titled, "Viva La Screaming!," as that is what the chorus's refrain sounded like they were yelling (over and over and over), but I figure I'm wrong about that.
5. What, no nibbles, MoMA? Let me know if you need a snack curator.

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