Sunday, May 23, 2010

Righting wrongs in the buffet line.

Sea of CSC backpacks

Speaking of the Chinatown Soccer Club backpacks mentioned in the previous post, here's a photo of a pile of them in action at yesterday's Adi Cup 2010 Fanatic soccer tournament.  I was able to be there for two of the CSC team's soccer games and a bit of free lunch.

If you like soccer and free food...

If you read my post about last year's Adi Cup, and the horrendous way the line for BBQ was handled, you might like to know that this year's event (which was moved to Pier 40) satisfied me on the food-service front.  There were two buffet lines, both moved quickly, and food was plentiful.  This year, too, they finally allowed players to jump the line to get lunch (which only makes sense if you're trying to keep a tournament running on time).  And, in addition to pulled pork (and hot dogs and veggie options and delicious BBQ chicken wings), there were pulled chicken sandwiches.  Perfect.

Lunch at the pitch

Now I'm feeling better about the free lunch from Adidas I hope to eat in 2011.

Adi Cup 2009
Adi Cup 2008

p.s. The guys were ROBBED of best uniform this year.  Robbed. Come on!  Look at that custom tailoring by my friend, Jen Wang!  Yes, I'm biased, as it also happens that Dan designed the CSC uniform, as well as a logo for the Krauts (a CSC-spin-off team), but I still think it was the best jersey at the tournament.


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