Sunday, May 23, 2010

I all around win!

 I win!

What did I win? 

I won the "Table 7 goes to the buffet" race (I realize it wasn't really a race) by virtue of being the first person back at the table with my plate of food.

I won the ability to refold my napkin in a fancy way by virtue of working for two summers on the KState catering crew.

Wedding desserts

I won mini cupcakes and cookies and brownies simply by virtue of attending Josh and Sarah's lovely wedding.  Congratulations, Sarah and Josh!  You win, too!

I won a cup of jasmine and green tea by virtue of reading all of the tea bags one by one, thereby discovering there was one jasmine tea bag left.

It was a winning sort of evening.

p.s. Take a gander at the shoes below.  Now imagine them in black.  I won these by virtue of my husband being an amazing artist who sometimes (ok, only one time) gets offered shoes for his wife.

shoes courtesy Sigerson Morrison.



ladymoxie said...

I love days with wins. And those shoes are super hawt. :)

Jennette said...


I'm really enjoying your dating posts, by the way. ;)

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