Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not Quite Breaking News


Clubhouse spread

File this one under "S" for "Should have Blogged about this Snack Ages Ago" OR "C" for, "Cripes! Remember to take your Camera to Events Like This. Your Phone Pictures are Worthless."

So, yes, my phone was acting up in the low lighting (check out the creepy picture of the beautiful Ms. H, below), but I did want to post a few pictures from the CSC soccer clubhouse opening and backpack launch party (which I apparently nearly attended with Susan Sarandon, who was photographed in front of Dan's Chinatown toile wallpaper) and mention how finely catered it was by the "Asia Dog" hot dog crew.

Yow!  Just look at that run-on sentence, will ya?!  Use parentheses and commas much, Jennette? Moving on (no sentence-slaughtering to see here):

Hey, CSC!  The foosball table was a nice touch.  You know what your clubhouse needs, though?  Couches.

Foosball + Hot Dog

Kevin told me NOT to get the hot dog topped with potato chips and spicy ketchup.  Kevin was wrong.  It was great!  So was the wasabi potato salad.  Kevin, maybe you had your potato chips on a veggie dog by mistake?  I think veggie dogs taste weird.

I call this photo of my beautiful, almost-two-year-old friend standing next to the foosball table in a lovely coat, "Horror Doorman."  The frightening effect was unintended:

Horror Doorman

p.s. Check out the team behind the backpack:


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