Sunday, May 23, 2010

My first bachelorette weekend.

Before After

I am leery of bachelorette parties.  They're rumored to be about limos and drinking too much and penis-shaped novelties and people wearing funny hats.  But I was still looking forward to attending my first, Sarah's slightly-British-themed "hen night," a few weekends ago.  Sarah's a reasonable girl and I assumed (correctly) that she had reasonable friends.

First, Jessi and I had pre-party dinner at Cafe Cubana.  This put me in a great mood.  Plantains two ways? Count me in.  Online reviews of this place are surprisingly negative.  I enjoyed good service and good food while eating there.

After dinner, we met up with the bachelorette party down the street at Clover Club, where elegant cocktails are the specialty of the house.  I drank a "Rope and Rose," which was a sour drink made with strawberry and pineapple infused Peruvian pisco, lime and elderflower liqueur.  La-di-da!  But tasty.

After some bar-hopping (we left one place immediately because it was determined there were "too many meatheads" there), we ended up at Floyd, where some played bocce with the bride.  I drank a couple of mediocre bottled ciders, enjoyed more conversation, and called it a (late, for me, at 1:30am) night.   No phallic novelties in sight!  Whew!


The next morning's follow-up bachelorette brunch was just as pleasant, even if we were all a bit tired.  I made a terrific fruit salad infused with limoncello and topped with yogurt and homemade lemon curd.  I also tried this recipe (from Animal, Vegetable, Miracle) for a breakfast casserole of stale bread, asparagus and mushrooms.  The food was tops!

I've come away from this experience with a new respect for hens and their nights -- when done right.  Women with an eye for pleasant locations, good attitudes, winning personalities, and an appreciation of decent food and drink are just plain fun to be around.  In short, you can count me in, future bachelorettes!  As long as your novelties are less-than-phallic, I'm there.

p.s. I was a little jealous when I heard the bachelors had "picklebacks" at their event...but I still wouldn't have switched camps.


UPDATE: I have suddenly remembered this was NOT my first bachelorette party (though it was my first bachelorette weekend).  I attended a comedy club and then went to Buddha Bar (where I felt woefully under-dressed) with Tara and friends several years ago.   Again, no phalli.  Thank goodness!


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