Sunday, February 7, 2010

If we hold hands, we can make a circle.

World Peace and cherry bliss

Our knitting triangle has become a square with the addition of another Jenni. This one is a brainy blogger whom I quite respect.

Jenni hosted last week's knitting session (once again, we didn't get to the "watching Twin Peaks episodes" part, which happens about a third of the time) with style. She turned out to be the sort of get-together host I really appreciate. She even made a toasted sandwich for a latecomer who hadn't gotten a chance to eat dinner before arriving. Now that's classy.

I started the evening with a spicy ginger tea, then moved on to the World Peace Cookies. I recognized them as they came out of the oven, as the recipe is one I tried for this year's cookie party.

Cherry from the Aussies

As a bonus treat, Jenni shared an Australian candy bar (also distributed in New Zealand) called Cherry Ripe. It was like a Mounds bar crossed with a Cherry Mash. Delightful!

The blurry insides 2


jenny gordy said...

oh good, i'm so glad to get that cookie recipe. jenni really was a lovely host. what a great night. i miss you, jenny! we need to do another knitting night pronto.

Jennette said...

I am ready to knit! I hope it happens soon. Miss you, too! ;)

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