Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Peanut Butter and (barely a) Cupcake

Baked By Melissa

This teeny-tiny (pictured on a 3" square Post-It) peanut butter and jelly bite-sized cupcake is from a place I haven't found yet. That is, I've never been to "Baked By Melissa," the shop that sold the baby cupcake pictured above, which was then shared with me by a kind coworker who happened to be in possession of a sampler box.

So, it tasted a little eggy, but a cupcake with peanut butter on top and jelly filling is a great idea. I liked the flavors together, though there wasn't much cupcake to this bite. In fact, I got so little "cupcake" and so much filling/topping, that I couldn't tell what flavor the cake was supposed to be. Vanilla? It should have been banana.

Baked by Melissa has been in SoHo for some time, but now it's in Union Square, too.

(Thanks, Caitlin!


Mechanic said...

I have been wondering about these little cupcakes, I feel like they have been uber reported about lately, and I was curious - esp about the PB&J and S'more flavors. In all the articles, everyone neglects the most important part - the taste!!! Thanks for getting to the heart of the matter...

Jennette said...

It's hard to talk about the taste when it's gone so quickly! ;)

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