Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nobody loves me; everybody hates me. Guess I'll go eat...

I am told this is a famous dessert called "Dirt and Worms."

I did not anticipate finding any fault with the infamous "dirt and worms" dessert that Brock and August made tonight.

However, I discovered that although I enjoy the components on their own (pudding, whipped cream, Oreos, gummy worms), they don't actually work well together. It's a cute idea, and cuter still with a sprig of "grass" (a clipping of chive) as garnish [nice one, guys], but the Oreo dirt, made muddy with a cold chocolate pudding, chills the worm and makes it extra tough and chewy. Additionally, the flavor of the gummy (or, at the very least, the red worm I found at the bottom of my plastic cup) seems medicinal and unpleasant when paired with the chocolate.

I'd happily eat another cupful of dirt, but I'd like future worms served on the side, please.

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