Thursday, February 25, 2010

Alexander and...Caramels

Caramels from Jen

I used another pass from my 2010 NYC Yoga Passbook to attend a second small-group class in The Alexander Technique.

Pass 4: One "First Class" in the Alexander Technique, Hope Martin Studio, Union Square.
Date(s): 2/25
Instructor(s): Hope Martin
Thoughts: The studio was a lovely place, designed by Hope and an architect who is also a meditation teacher, if I understood correctly. Hope was a calming and thoughtful instructor. She went more in depth into the foundations and language of the technique than the other teachers I've worked with so far. She even stayed an extra 30 minutes to teach us about "Active Rest."
I'm starting to "get" pieces of Alexander Technique practice the more I attempt it. I wish I could afford to have private or small class sessions more regularly. It really makes me feel good when my head balances correctly or my spine comes into alignment, however briefly I can sustain it. I welcome the alien moments now.
Walking home, I entered a sort of mild-blizzard winter wonderland trance, prompting me to feel extra alive and poetic and powerfully impotent. I wish I could have captured it on film -- the swirling snow underscored by my audible breaths, the light and white and dark and silence, the distant siren and the feeling running up and down my spine.
Failing your being able to witness that, I wish you could taste the caramels I ate once I went inside my apartment. Jen and Max and Rich gave them to me as a gift at the Cookie Party and told me I didn't have to share them. I promptly hid them on a shelf and forgot about them. But they're still here, and they're still good. They tasted buttery and warm, homemade and important.

The photo above captures none of this.

Post-Workout Comestibles:
Three caramels.
Total/Goal: 5/40

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