Friday, January 15, 2010

In which I write a letter to eggnog waffles.

Waffle Breakfast

Dear waffles,

I love you. Remember when I made you for Brooke and Dan and Vincent and myself that one morning? You know, the waffle iron is really hard to clean, but you're worth it. I mean, batter always gets stuck in the crack by the spring and I can't get it out. It's distressing, but then I think, "Waffles!" and I remember why I bother.

I'm including a photo of you that day. I recall how special you were. You were eggnog waffles, weren't you? What a good idea. You may not know it, but I found the recipe here. That blog's good; you should read it. Put it in your RSS reader.

It's funny -- you smelled more like eggnog than you tasted, but I still enjoyed you. You were so sweet. The nutmeg was a nice touch.

Oh! Another thing that's great about you? You know how if there are leftovers, I can just freeze you and toast you the next morning? That's awesome. I just wanted you to know.

Please be my breakfast forever.


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