Monday, January 25, 2010

Giant Movie Night Breaks the Aboriginal Curse!

The Last Wave


Tim Tam Stack

GMN Week eight

Film: The Last Wave (Criterion).
Snack: Anzac biscuits (made by Carolyn), Tim Tams (slammed or un-slammed).
Guests: Carolyn, Moss, Hero, Dan.
Outcome: Tomorrow is Australia Day, but it's already tomorrow in Australia. We thought we'd celebrate with another Giant Movie Night. Like an Australian Angel Heart from 1977, The Last Wave left me befuddled and haunted. Also, it turns out that Anzac biscuits are quite good -- flaky and buttery and sweet. I assumed they'd be dry and hard, and am thrilled to have been wrong.

Australian things

Carolyn also brought along a dictionary of Australian slang, which is how I know what "a packet of poo tickets" means. Do you?

Happy Australia Day, everyone!

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