Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Meat Hook sausage sampler

Sausage sampler
(l-r: Buffalo chicken, garlic, spicy Italian, red wine & rosemary, merguez)

Each time we go into The Meat Hook, I feel like buying one of every sausage in the place (except for lamb, which I consider a "novelty meat"). In late December, we gave in to my whim.

There were four of us eating, so we did end up with a pair of merguez sausages (Dan enjoys novelty meat). My pick was Buffalo chicken, which was heavy with blue cheese (yum). Vincent + Brooke chose the Italian and red wine sausages (and ate them happily), and the butcher even threw in an extra garlic sausage for good measure (which we split).

The garlic sausage was my favorite, but we all professed ourselves pleased with the variety and flavors. We were, unfortunately, a day too early for the special "chicken parm pizza" sausages the butcher told us would be on sale the next day (The Meat Hook butchers will make special sausage flavors for you if you agree to buy a certain amount, we were told; they sell any extras made over and above your order to "regular" patrons like me).

I am so looking forward to seeing what's in stock next time we stop in.


DanF. said...

Sausage party !

Jennette said...

Any time!

Christopher said...

For extra awesome, you can even sign up for one of their regularly-held sausage making classes and learn all the secrets. Or at least most of the secrets. Mortadella is apparently classified.

Jennette said...

Christopher -- good to know. I love all the classes they offer.

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