Monday, August 24, 2009

Venezuelan Beaver Cheese

Ski Queen cheese

Gjetost Cheese is a Scandanavian whey cheese that goes by many names. Read more about it!

Peanut butter-colored cheese

This cheese is the color of peanut butter. It is a little sweet (the process of making it includes the caramelization of sugar) and neither entirely hard nor entirely spreadable.

Cheese and blueberry jam

It was good alone, but delicious with fruit. I ate mine on an english muffin with Anna's homemade blueberry jam. I hear it also goes well with slices of pear.


Mechanic said...

I have been looking for that cheese in NY! I will trade you some Swedish vasterbotten for a few slices... :)

Jennette said...

I thought about stealing Anna's, but that seemed rude. It must be in NYC somewhere!

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