Monday, August 10, 2009

I See Me.

See's Lollypops

Once upon a time, a box of See's Candies Gourmet Lollypops came to stay. There were four flavors -- a butterscotch flavor, a chocolate flavor, a vanilla flavor, and a cafe latte flavor.

All four flavors lived together in the box in perfect harmony until we ate them.

Caffe Latte

And the cafe latte flavor was too strong in its coffee-ness.

And the vanilla flavor was too sweet.

But the chocolate flavor was like a hard brownie on a stick, with an intense fudgey density.

And the butterscotch flavor was just like butterscotch, and a little bit like caramel.

The people who were given the lollypops lived happily after and also the end.


Anonymous said...

I lived on these ages 11-14. It was impossible to go to the movie theater at the Courtyard mall without one in hand! Its unfortunate they replaced "carmel" flavor with "vanilla" as its not as good. But butterscotch more than makes up for it. Love that you got to experience my childhood treat!

Jennette said...

They would be a good movie snack, I think! Thanks for commenting. ;)

Starling said...

sadly i have heard a story that see's candies do not support equal partnership rights unless said partners are married. they were kicked out of the union square (san francisco) kiosk they had occupied for years because they refused to honor the city laws about benefits. they are pretty creepy. i have to say i've always liked russel stovers better. (still angela)

Jennette said...

Boo! I'm glad we didn't buy these ourselves, then. Remind me not to get See's anything in San Francisco.

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