Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lunch Club round-up: Week 1

My coworker Jane came up with the idea to have Lunch Club at the office. She got 5 of us together (one vegetarian and 4 non-vegetarians) to make it happen for a trial week. Each day, one of us made five identical (more or less) offerings to share at work.

All five of the lunches were amazing, if you ask me. Let's look back.

Lunch Club: Monday

Monday - Jane
Vegetable lasagna and chocolate pudding with whipped cream. The secret ingredient in the lasagna is nutmeg!

Lunch Club: Tuesday

Tuesday - David
Spicy curry with broccoli, tofu, potato, bell pepper, peanut, onion, and red/brown rice.

Lunch Club: Wednesday

Wednesday - Dave
Penne with tomato sauce and roasted vegetables, served with Parmesan cheese.

Lunch Club: Thursday

Thursday - Jeff
Sandwich of tomato, mozzarella cheese, basil, and garlic dressing.

Lunch Club: Friday

Friday - Me
Bouchons au Thon (meant for the four non-vegetarians, though one of us was not interested); tomato stuffed with corn, jalapeno, and buttermilk dressing (this recipe, without bacon, for our vegetarian member); green bean salad with soy-glazed almonds (recipe in this post), onion bread from the corner store, and Jimmy's Pink Cookies.

The bouchons and the cookies were made with recipes found in the book A Homemade Life, by Orangette's Molly Wizenberg. I've mentioned this book before. Delicious! I'll be making both of these recipes again. And again.


Bets said...

My boss and I have done this in the past - on Wednesdays, when we go from one meeting to another with barely time for a pee-break in between. He's a vegetarian/sustainable food guy, and cooking for him has definately spurred me to try new recipes and cook new things. (Embarrassing confession - since he's a great appreciator of food, and a lovely person, I have this need to show off for him. Oddly, not so mcuh of the showing off is in areas covered by my job description, but in lunch-making and birthday-cake baking.)

Jennette said...

I like the idea of doing it on a specific day. It was hard to do a whole week of it because I had leftovers languishing at home that I should have been eating. But it was really nice not to have to carry my lunchbox every day!

I often enjoy the baking showing-off at my job more than my actual work. ;)

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