Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Poetry Tuesday: Lunchcrostic

Lunch Club: Monday

An Acrostic

Lasagna rests in portions, pudding waits
Under five minds' eyes and five pink plates.
Noon comes and I have pulled my portion near,
Chanting thanks to Jane, who cannot hear.
Heating in the microwave expands the cheer.

Cool-whip beckons me; I am in Noodle Town,
Lunch Club sweet'ning these five days, and counting down
Until my Friday turn, knowing that I must plot.
Brick, David, Dave, and Jane will share the lot.


Mei said...

Both the pudding and the lasagne look AWESOME.

Jennette said...

They were, too. Jane set the bar high for Lunch Club!

Mechanic said...

your poetry is too awesome!

Jennette said...

Thank you. You're kind. ;)

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