Saturday, June 30, 2012

Adventures in CSA (2012): Week 3 Wrap-Up

Week 3

Another week's gone by. We didn't quite get through everything from our pickup last Saturday, but we got respectably close, I think.  And nothing has gone to waste from this batch, so far.

Week 3 CSA veggies:
1 head lettuce (I suspect this was "butter lettuce," aka Boston Bibb)
1 head bok choi
1 head escarole - CHALLENGE VEGETABLE
3 summer squash
1 pint snap peas
1 bunch cilantro
1 bunch kale
1 large cucumber
1 bunch ruby chard
1 bunch mustard greens

What we made this week:


1. Start-the-week salad. I said you might get sick of me making and photographing a series of salads, but I'm not sick of eating them yet. They're a great way to eat a lot of CSA vegetables in one meal, and it's easy to get creative with the ingredients and the dressing (not that we always get that creative). Hey, why am I defending salad? 

For this one, we used the CSA cucumber, some of the CSA lettuce, and added red onion, bacon, and avocado.

Swiss Chard w cotija

2. Swiss chard with cotija cheese (CSA chard). One of my favorite ways to prepare Swiss chard is to chop and sautee the stems with an onion in a little olive oil, then add and wilt the leaves. Dan had the idea to top it with cotija cheese. It was delicious. It would have made a great taco filling (or lettuce cups), but we ate it on its own.

Squash tacos

3. Did someone say tacos? Another night, we ate tacos filled with CSA squash and cilantro, as well as store-bought tomato, onion, refried black beans, and leftover cotija cheese. Tacos, salad, stir fry, pizza, pasta, rice, soup -- no matter what ingredients I have on hand, I come back to these dishes over and over again.


4. Bok choi slaw (CSA bok choi). This was Dan's idea, and I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but bok choi makes a very nice slaw. He added carrots and scallions. The dressing included mustard, sesame oil, mayonnaise, and lemon

Another Salad

5. Salad again (CSA lettuce, cucumber and escarole). This one also includes additional lettuce from the store, pancetta, corn, tomatoes, scallion, cheddar, and blue cheese dressing.

This butter lettuce was absolutely tender and delicious. What a sweet little variety of lettuce. More, please!

Leftovers being added to Week 4's share:
4-5 radishes found lurking in the back of the fridge
a baggie of snap peas
1 bunch mustard greens
1 bunch kale
1 pattypan squash

I tried just a bit of the mustard greens raw. Yeowch! That's a potent green. I'm off to research recipes for that ingredient, as well as the squash.

P.S. Guess who hasn't figured out how to eat salad yet (but loves poking at and "stirring" the leaves)?

Salad Salad Salad


Mechanic said...

Such an inspiration, as always!

Jennette said...

Thank you, dear!

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