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Adventures in CSA (2012): Week 4 Wrap-Up

Week 4

Week Four Produce (veggies and fruit)
2.5 lbs summer squash
2 pickling cucumbers -- CHALLENGE VEGETABLE
1 "regular" cucumber (but I'd swear this is just a big pickling cucumber. It looks the same as the smaller ones)
1 bunch parsley
1 bunch arugula
.75 lb mesclun mix lettuce
1 bunch carrots
1 bunch kale
3 pints blueberries

Plus the following items leftover from previous weeks:
5 radishes
a baggie of snap peas
1 bunch mustard greens
1 pattypan squash
1 bunch kale

With these ingredients, we made:

Week 4 kale

1. Double-your-pleasure kale salad (CSA kale). Kale, lemon, coarse salt, avocado, olive oil. This is the stuff.

Week 4 Zu-canoes !

2. Zu-canoes (CSA squash, including pattypan, and parsley). Dan stuffed these with squash, parsley, two types of cheese, green rice, and mushrooms. The pattypan squash's skin was a bit tough, but the zuchinni and oblong yellow squash were terrific.

Week 4 Salad B

3. Arugula salad (CSA arugula and mesclun mix). Arugula and greens, tuna, lemon, sunflower seeds. dried cranberries. Dan felt this was a little bland, but I quite liked it. I want to have dried cranberries in all of my tuna salads.

Week 4

4. Blueberry Cobbler with Cream Cornmeal Biscuit (CSA blueberries). I found this recipe in the Rustic Fruit Desserts cookbook I was given as a Christmas gift. You can also find the recipe online. Unlike rhubarb, I think blueberry is best mixed with other fruits. I find its baked flavor a bit heavy, sweet, and overwhelming alone. Thank goodness for the superb biscuits on this cobbler. They cut the blueberry sweetness in just the right way.

5. Raw snap peas, eaten as a traveling snack (not pictured).

Week 4 Pickles !

6. Several snacks of quick pickles (pictured) and raw cucumber (not pictured). I mentioned in a previous post that I am intimidated by the canning process. I've yet to "put up" any batches of...well, anything. But I did turn our pickling cucumbers into "quick pickles" by slicing them into thin rounds and spears before giving them a bath in commercially prepared (dill) pickle juice that just happened to be in the refrigerator.  24 hours later, they were good. 48 hours later, they were great!  We had them on sandwiches and raw. Baby-approved!

Week 4 Frito salad

6. Epic Frito Salad (CSA mesclun mix). What a doozy, in the greatest possible way! Cotija cheese and a shredded Mexican mix of cheese, corn off the cob, Frito chips, tomato, black olives, red onion, and that mesclun mix came together under an elote-inspired dressing of lime, mayonnaise, and Tapatio hot sauce. This is Dan at his best, folks.

We traveled over the 4th of July holiday, meaning we didn't get through as much produce as we might have otherwise. And so, still in the fridge, fated to join Week 5's produce, lie:
5 small radishes (booo!)
1 bunch ruby chard
1 bunch mustard greens
1 bunch carrots
a little bit of parsley

Oh yeah, and thrown out this week:
2-3 handfuls of snap peas that sat in a hot car overnight while we were camping. Goodbye, cruel world!

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