Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Self-Portrait with Craving


This morning they mentioned Shredded Wheat on NPR. I guess it was probably an advertisement ("sponsorship"). I just remember hearing that it has no added sugar or salt.

So, naturally, I immediately began craving Frosted Mini-Wheats (Bite Size) cereal, and all that lovely added sugar. And then I just had to stop on my way to work so that I could pick up a box. I'm about to have them for breakfast in

p.s. I overexposed/blurred this photo on purpose for those of you alarmed by photos with visible toes. You're welcome. I can't promise I'll always do you that courtesy when I wear open-toed shoes, but it's still pretty early in the morning.

[Skirt by JCrew, Tee and tank from I can't see the tags while I'm wearing them (Forever 21?). Shoes by Blowfish Malibu from DSW.]  



Mechanic said...

Thank you for not blurring the cute skirt!

Jennette said...

Recently seen on the sales rack! Thanks. ;)

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