Friday, June 15, 2012

London Swall'wing: Part I

How bad is the title of this post? It's pretty bad. Bad enough that I think I like it after all. And I thought about it for all of 2 seconds, which is, I'm sure, clear. Sorry. You deserve more.

It's also clear that eating foreign chocolate doesn't make me better at puns. Because if it did, this entry would feature some actually clever verbiage. You see, I've dug into the bag of snacks Dan brought back from his recent trip to London. And I started with the chocolate.

Mini Eggs Mini

So, are Cadbury Eggs not an Easter thing abroad? Because I would like to eat them all year. These Minis, too.

Bubbles Galaxy

A Galaxy Bubbles egg is like a Cadbury egg, but filled with aerated Galaxy chocolate. Galaxy is an international name for Dove chocolates.  "Bubbles" is a funny name for a candy bar, if you ask me, but the texture was quite nice, and its rich flavor almost suggests hazelnut.

So many of their snacks are lovely. Why is "The Only Way is Essex" so boring?

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