Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I can't even.

Got this in my email inbox.  It's a joke, right? In the style of The Yes Men? Otherwise, where would I begin? 


Three Strikes, You’re In!
McDonald's and the New York Police Department Launch Joint Initiative
New York, New York (March 6, 2012) - McDonald's and the New York Police Department are launching "Three Strikes, You're In!," a bold new program that rewards New Yorkers for their patience with the NYPD's "Stop and Frisk" policy.
With "Three Strikes, You're In!," individuals who are stopped and released three times without charge are eligible for one Happy Meal™ at participating McDonald's stores. To receive their Happy Meal™, customers must record each stopping officer's badge number, as well as the the time and location of the stop, on a voucher obtainable at these stores.
"This is just one way McDonald’s gives back to the communities we’re a part of," said Mark Ramos, a McDonald's spokesperson. "We're proud to provide copious, satisfying, affordable food in areas that other chains don't dare operate. With 'Three Strikes, You’re In!' we're showing we also recognize these communities' safety and civil liberties problems."
"'Stop and Frisk' gets dozens of guns off the streets each year, makes respectable citizens feel secure, and lets would-be criminals know that we're watching them," said New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly. "It generates some resentment in these low-income communities, since most of those stopped are innocent, but with the help of McDonald's, we’re showing we understand. We can't afford to change 'Stop and Frisk,' but we're happy to compensate those who are stopped in the course of keeping the City safe."
"Three Strikes, You're In!" is a project of McDonald's 365Black.com, which celebrates African American culture and achievements all year round. To download your own "Three Strikes, You're In!" vouchers, please visit www.threestrikesyourein.org. Non-citizens and those with criminal records are ineligible.

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