Friday, February 4, 2011

Office Food Theft: Never a Victimless Crime

My note

Yes, many in my workplace (including me) have been reduced to passive, aggressive, or passive-aggressive notes regarding food theft.  There are thieves among us!

We're not richly compensated enough that this becomes "no big deal."  And most of us are generous and would (and do) share happily if asked.  Stop eating our food in secret, mysterious thieves!

Abbie's note

In my office, if it isn't coffee, tea, milk (one specific brand, easily identified), or half-and-half, it's not public property.  Sometimes fruit and baked goods are left out on the counter or table for all to share, but those offerings are pretty easy to identify.  Yet lunches, leftovers, and more go missing -- again and again.

E's note

The worst part is that I am straight-out quite fond of pretty much everyone I work with, which makes it awfully hard to point fingers.  But clearly there are a) thoughtless and/or b) mean and/or c) porky and/or d) starving people among us.  

Boo, food thieves!  Boo!

Does personal food go missing in your workplace?



Rob said...

I think the approach to rectifying these egregious actions should begin with reference to this episode:

In this, his femme fatale put a "You Have Just Been Poisoned" in the bottom of his glass of beer. We need to affix these notes to the bottoms of our food packages along with "See for antidote. You have 15 minutes. Best of Luck!"

Jennette said...

A fascinating plan, Rob...

betsy said...

I was an office food thief.

Jennette said...

Betsy, thank you for sharing your story. ;)

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