Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Not just for kids

Outside Inside
[Seatbelt Carriage Satchel by Harveys; Uniqlo Boyfriend Jeans; We Who See Pleated Canvas Booties from Urban Outfitters.]

We toured a local pediatricians' office last week and made sure to take home a couple of the Yummy Earth organic lollipops from the reception desk.  The doctor who spoke to us said that they used to give out sugar-free suckers, but that they'd decided that organic ones with real sugar were a better, healthier idea.

Tastier, too, I'm sure.  Mine ("Strawberry Smash") was tart and sweet at the same time.  Delicious!



Holly said...

I am guessing TriBeCa Pediatrics...? If so, we go there and love them. And the lollipops. I'm partial to the green apple variety. We actually have a stash in the diaper bag because they keep them in the exam rooms too. Shhhh.

Jennette said...

You guessed correctly...and that's a good tip! ;)

Mechanic said...

smart doctor!

Jennette said...

I'll try to get you one... ;)

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