Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Poetry Tuesday: Around the Office, This Time of Year

Office gifts

At the office, Christmas looms, Hanukkah
Lingers in the rustling
Bags of sweet or spicy crispy chocolate
Pretzels cookies bread and nuts.
They're on the table, 'round the corner,
Perched upon Reception's shelf --
Cardless or carded, whisp'ring "Merry,"
"Happy," "Best" and "Eat Me Now."

BUT my vacation days call, too.
They say, "Use us. We don't roll over anymore,"
So, even as the treats call, "Linger."
I must flee from rolling chairs.
I take my leave from keyboards, lunch breaks,
Scheduled time. I've errands of my own.
I've celebrating naps to take.
I've fairy lights to ponder.

So I am gone now, into home and respite,
thinking of those sweet remains. They're
showing up in tissue, tins and
paper sacks without me there.
I know too well,
I see so clearly -- quickly, that's how
Tasty gifts of goodies from
The friendly folk I work with
Disappear, are eaten -- thoroughly and well.
It's as it should be, in this season,
But, alas, I won't be there.

Cookie Bag

Half Pretzel

Pretzel box

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