Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In which I ask myself a simple question, but do not have the answer:

(phone photo by Dan)

Why don't I like "breakfast burritos?"


nanio said...

You haven't had the right one yet? My judgment on this was swayed last time I was in Texas and finally found an authentically tasty place.

Jennette said...

That could be it. I am not anti-egg, but I don't like eggs in a tortilla. Actually, I'm not really into omelets or scrambled eggs, either, though I sometimes eat them. Maybe it's the texture.

All I could think while eating this otherwise delicious burrito was, "I wish it had refried beans in it instead of eggs."

Granny Stance said...

I also think you haven't had the right one yet. Breakfast burritos are one of my favorites, but we always use chipotle re-fried beans & an variety of whatever else is in the fridge, like sausage or potatoes or whatever. I do like eggs in a breakfast burrito, but they're rarely the main ingredient for me.

Sandy said...

I'm not keen on the egg/tortilla flavor/texture combo package, either, even though I like both individually. Not enough contrast or something?

Jennette said...

Sandy -- that could be it. I like everything about it, except for the egg.

Jennette said...

G.S. -- chipotle refried beans? Yum!

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