Friday, December 25, 2009

Hold up a sec!

Mid-afternoon snack

Wow, I really got behind in my blog posts this holiday season, didn't I? Do you mind waiting a minute while I tell you about a doughnut from a few weeks ago?

I totally forgot to mention to you that I tried my first Tim Horton's doughnut. A T.H. opened in the neighborhood in which I work, and my coworkers (Jeremy, Dave, and Ethan) kindly picked up one of the last (!) plain doughnuts available on the afternoon they stopped by. I guess the next batch hadn't come out of the oven yet.

It was good -- simple, sweet, and not at all stale. If they get their stock back up, I'll try more.

Tim Horton's


Mechanic said...

did you like it enough that you'd go back for a second? i can't believe they've been in nyc since the summer and i still have yet to try one....

Jennette said...

Sure, but I didn't really think it was anything special.

Michelle said...

I will say (having tried both in a fairly short time period) that the Canadian Tim Horton's doughnuts are better, but still nothing super-special. (I am, however, addicted to their iced coffee made with chocolate milk.)

If you go back, though, and they have a...I think the English name is probably "Fruit Explosion" (at least, that's what the French name translates to) muffin, try it. They're really good, and I'm not that much of a muffin fan.

Jennette said...

I like the sound of a fruit explosion! Also, perhaps visiting a Tim Horton's there would be the perfect excuse for me to visit Canada again... ;)

p.s. chocolate milk iced coffee?!! Yum.

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