Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowy Sick Day Breakfast

Rolls 1  Rolls 3

My sister made homemade orange rolls and posted a photo on Facebook.  I wanted some immediately. But she lives in another state, I can't eat a photograph, and I'm home sick after a snowstorm with neither the ingredients nor the energy to produce my own rolls. Alas!

We were, however, inspired to throw some Pillsbury/Cinnabon cinnamon rolls (find them in the refrigerator biscuit section of the grocery store) into the oven this morning.  No doubt, Cali's rolls were better (as are my mom's, here), but these were pretty good.

Rolls 2

My only quarrel with them, really, is that there are just five in a can.  That's an odd number, and there are two people in my household.  How can we possibly share fairly without dirtying a knife?

So, I'd love to have had that sixth roll, but I can acknowledge that this product would be perfect for people with five-person families.  You just can't please everyone, Pillsbury.  You just can't.

Microwave leftover, cooled rolls for 20 seconds before eating.


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