Saturday, January 1, 2011

Brunch Bunch

I digress: A short film with our hosts -- unrelated to today's brunch, but v. nice.

Brunch 2




Eggs, prosciutto, puff pastry
(photo by Dan)

Asparagus and leek
(photo by Dan)

Coffee cake w/blueberries

Anna and Mike hosted the most charming all-day New Year's Day "brunch" I've ever attended. Seriously. Well, it was also the only all-day brunch to which I've yet been invited, but it was better than I could have imagined -- and I do tend to get my hopes up when it comes to holiday food.

The day started with fruit and doughnuts and egg dishes (etc.), transitioned to chili around lunchtime, and when we left (late in the afternoon) there were promises of spaghetti and meatballs for evening stragglers.

Oh. My.

Brunch crowd
(photo by Dan)


Babies, dogs, adults -- everybody seemed to be having a lovely time. I certainly did. The food was plentiful and delicious, and it didn't hurt that their (under renovation construction) apartment is gorgeous, too.

Hash browns mix
(photo by Dan)

Hashbrown casserole
(photo by Dan)

My favorite dish? Mike's Hash Brown Casserole (recipe on Epicurious). I will be making this for myself. It was crunchy outside and creamy inside. I had two enormous helpings, with hot sauce.

Dough doughnuts
Dough doughnuts 2

These fancifully-flavored doughnuts from "Dough" were also a big hit.



Mechanic said...

Um, please post the egg recipes?! They both look awesome....

Jennette said...

There were three possibly-eggy dishes (one remained unphotographed): leek with asparagus, spinach with artichoke, and puff pastry with prosciutto and eggs. I'll see if I can get the recipes for you.

ladymoxie said...

Yes defintely on the egg puffed pastry pie looking thingy. The whole day looked fantastic. An all day brunch sounds like a great idea, espcially during winter when hibernation and eating are the best.

Jennette said...

I asked for the recipe(s)...if I don't get a reply soon maybe I'll bug them again.

And I agree -- here's to the all-day brunch!

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