Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Have your nest and eat it, too.


So.  It turns out, I'm nesting.  But I refuse to blame this entirely on pregnancy.  I've always loved organization, despite what my overstuffed-with-stuff apartment looks like (let's just say these photos of our place are really flattering).  Given a blank check and some more time off of work, I'd fill my shelves with boxes and organizers and happily alphabetize files, books, and spices all day.

I took most of a day off work last week so that Nick and Dan and I could go to the Brooklyn (Red Hook) Ikea.  There, with some early Christmas money from generous relatives, I bought a large shelving unit and many organizational accoutrements.  The shopping endeavor naturally left our party famished, and we stopped for lunch in the Ikea cafeteria before heading home.

Ikea 2 & 3

Yum!  I had potato, broccoli, and cheese croquettes served with macaroni and cheese.  The guys had Swedish meatballs with potatoes and lingonberry preserves.  Dan threw in a few extra pieces of garlic toast, and we all had lingonberry soda (my favorite part of the meal).  I suspect Ikea is at the top of the cafeteria food game.  Everything was clean, the food was delicious and comforting, and the prices were dirt cheap (Dan and I spent just over $11 for the two of us).  I think I might make eating there -- I mean organizing my apartment -- a more regular habit.


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