Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yes, they're good for my eyesight, but will they help my camera take better pictures after dark?


The li'l cookie and I are just sitting here eating carrots after a lightweight evening of holiday cookie party baking.  Oh, yeah, and the cat's got his nose in my business, too. 

Carrots2 Carrots 3
Stripe Elastic Tunic by Topshop Maternity and pants from Uniqlo

Tonight, I ran out of butter, so I only made it through one batch of spritz cookies before we had to wrap.

Trees1 Trees2

One of the reasons I make a spritz cookie recipe each year (besides the butter in these babies, of which there is an outrageously delicious amount) is that my mom gave me an antique, aluminum cookie press a number of years ago.  It works better than any "newfangled" plastic cookie press I've ever tried, and cleans up easily.  I love my cookies and I love my cookie press.

Cookie press

Cookie press box

It even came in a box with a mailing label that proclaims it was once mailed to a Mrs. Eddie Locker of Dayton Ohio, shipped as "aluminum articles" from the Weyerhaeuser Company in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Cookie Count: 491


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