Tuesday, December 7, 2010

These days, I'm running on...

All my love

Chocolate Cheerios (also pictured: multi-vitamin, fish oil caplet, and calcium pill)!

[Duck Canvas Tote by Baggu; Canvas Pleated Booties by We Who See - both from Urban Outfitters]

I've been switching up my work breakfasts -- fruit, cheese grits, oatmeal (with brown sugar), smoothies, and cereal are all options -- and I try not to have the same thing two days in a row. So I don't have the cocoa beauties pictured above every day, but some days I come back to the office kitchen for a "second breakfast," and it's nearly always Chocolate Cheerios.

You might recall I first spotted these while stopping at an ATM in a bodega, during Steph's bachelorette party. I didn't buy a box because we were headed to a fancy restaurant, and I thought it might be gauche to walk in carrying my find. But I kept an eye out for them and found them recently at the Union Square Duane Reade.

Not only are they tasty and crunchy (if eaten swiftly), but the leftover milk is perfectly chocolate-y, without tasting phony. I've already gone through two boxes in 3 weeks.


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