Monday, July 19, 2010

Too much relaxing

A good idea

What is it about vacations that mess up my blogging flow?  I should be more productive with more time off.  I took my laptop with me on this latest trip (over July 4th weekend) and everything!

Anyway, I was only in Pittsburgh for three and a half days, but I did a lot of eating there that I need to report on.  Not to mention that I'm behind in chronicling all the CSA veggies I've been eating at home (when it's not too blazing hot to cook, which it has been several nights).

Above is a new treat Anna and I discovered at the Pittsburgh farmer's market -- fresh goat chevre and swell jam (strawberry in this case) on a graham cracker.  You should try it.



Anna said...

Good reminder... I think I will go have some right now!

Jennette said...

I've got the jam on hand, but I'm two ingredients short of making my own.

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