Sunday, July 25, 2010

How to Greet Your Guests


When we arrived in Pittsburgh, around 9pm, we were in serious need of a late supper before going to bed.  Luckily, we were staying with Dan's parents, who are great hosts under pressure -- especially when it comes to food.  Together, we made a lovely late night meal.


I'd brought a few "CSA leftovers" -- cherries, carrots, and radishes -- with me on the plane, so those were easy to wash and plate.  I didn't even peel the carrots; they were that fresh and good.


To this, Jim and Martha added juicy tomatoes with basil and mozzarella, as well as sliced bread.

Late-night dinner

Dan had also picked up some mortadella in Brooklyn, which added to the repast.  It turns out cured meat can be a good host/hostess gift if you don't have too far to travel.
P.S. Don't overlook my open-faced radish and butter sandwich.  It was simply delicious.


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