Thursday, October 7, 2010

Optimize Your Fries

I'm no ruiner.

Forced by circumstance to purchase sub-par take-away lunch counter French fries?  Here's how to cut back on the sogginess factor:

Upon receiving your to-go bag, immediately reach in and pop the top of the fry container open (or, if it's aluminum foil, rip a sizable chunk away).  By creating a vent, you keep your fresh, hot French fries from steaming, and therefore sogging, further.  Also, two different coworkers tell me, if you know that your local diner tends to shy away from "crispy" to an unfortunate degree, ask for the fries to be "well-done," or even slightly burnt.

Sadly, my favorite neighborhood joint for fries closed to become a healthy, "organic" foods diner.  Boo.


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