Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'll keep trying.

Another New Flavor

I can't seem to replicate my Perfect Caramel Popcorn Moment from our Chicago trip, and I suspect it has to do with how fresh that caramel popcorn was, but I did try a new flavor of bagged kettle corn this week. 

Popcorn, Indiana's Sweet & Tangy BBQ isn't bad at all, but I prefer their Smoked Cheddar flavor (though I wish the Smoked Cheddar were spicy).  I hear the company makes Bacon Ranch and Buffalo Cheddar versions, too.  I'd like to try those!  And their website teases with promises of Wasabi popcorn.  Wow.

The only problem I habitually have with this brand is finding lots of little, hard "duds" that threaten to crack my teeth when I bite down on them.  But this particular bag was predominantly dud-free.


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