Sunday, October 10, 2010

I love you more than I love dessert...



A good wedding is good for many reasons, but a good wedding with a great dessert spread hits the top!  I couldn't get very nice photos because of the (romantically) dim lighting, but I ate my heart out.  I almost managed to try everything.  Well, not every flavor of everything! There was so much variety.

P1180737 Spread 2 P1180740

Highlights for me? The chocolate cake (a bit salty -- in the best way) and the tiny, white-chocolate-covered, carrot cake bites.  Also cream puffs (I had two).


Congratulations, Steph and Pete!  Sweet, sweet happiness to you!



Mechanic said...

the feeling, of course is mutual <3

Jennette said...

You have great taste -- and not just in cake!

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