Saturday, April 21, 2012

Today at Smorgasburg - April 21, 2012

Round 1

Asian-Inspired tacos (the crispy-shelled spicy tuna was my favorite; also pictured: short rib) and peach tea from Takumi Taco.

Round 2

Porchetta sandwich and intriguing Skytown flatbread with feta and spinach pesto. Mint lemonade also from Skytown.

Round 3

Laughter and Lemon ice cream sandwich (holy cow, good!  Salty lemon cookies!) from The Good Batch. I'll be back, The Good Batch. Overheard in the line: "Is this ice cream sandwich going to be worth $6?" My answer: yes, and it's a competitive price, though I'd rather it be $4.

Also eaten: New York Naturals kale chips with vegan cheese. They were great. And I do NOT generally approve of vegan cheese. Thanks go to Nick's mom for sharing them with me. The baby liked them, too.


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