Monday, June 13, 2011

Sweet Industry


My friend Melissa threw her visiting mom a brunch this past Sunday (Yum! Spanakopita!), and Jeannine, Melissa's mother, took the opportunity to talk to us about Xoçai chocolates. Jeannine is a distributor and a believer in the company's claims that the candies deliver antioxidants to and improve the health of those who eat it.

We got to sample four of the products, all solid chocolates, as well as a health shake.  I can't speak to the healthiness of any of the items, but they do have a dark chocolate flavor -- and Jeannine said she's seen real benefits, including weight loss, since making them a part of her dietary lifestyle.

I liked the original "nuggets" and the "Mega Squares," which have an orange flavor, best.  Chocolate and orange are a favorite of mine. I also found their slightly grainy texture comforting somehow.

If you'd like to try it yourself you can see all of their products and/or order online.  I wouldn't advertise for just anyone, and I can't endorse anything about these personally (beyond their flavor), but Jeannine is a real person who wasn't just selling me a line.  I'll vouch for her sincerity! She believes in the product, and you might, too.

For further reading on Xoçai, here's a New York Times article from 2009.


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