Tuesday, June 14, 2011



Spotted in a bodega: one tiny, adorable kitten.

I would imagine this must be good for business.  I know s/he makes me want to buy at least twice as many Nutter Butters.



suzieQ said...

aw, so pretty. I was at petsmart today, buying food and litter (in one end, out the other) and I looked at the little orphans. Good thing I already have 3 because I am such a sucker for kitties. I love going into a store that has an animal. I wish we could have animals at school but now, we have to be so careful about allergies, which is sad because some families nowadays, can't afford a pet and one at school would fill a need. Ah, well.

Jennette said...

Yes, I love it when there is a dog or cat at work, but the allergy problem makes it rarer these days.

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