Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cracker Intentions; Cracker Reality


I bought a box of these peanut butter crackers intending them as an easy-to-eat "early labor" snack, but I was in intense labor so quickly (and the whole thing lasted less than 9 hours) that I didn't get to eat anything between breakfast (cherry Nutrigrain bar and orange juice with liquid iron*) and an hour or so after the kid was born.

They're a little dry, but palatable, especially with a glass of milk.

Here are other things I intended to buy before giving birth, based on research I did on some homebirth websites, so that I'd have them for labor and  post-birth snacking (for me and for my support team):

juice/Vitamin Water/lemonade
grapes (to freeze)
Greek yogurt
Clif bars
brownie mix (2)
cottage cheese
tater tots
Toaster Strudel
pudding (chocolate)
miso soup

Of course, this didn't happen, thanks to my intense contractions and speedily-born son, but I've kept the shopping list in the diaper bag and intend to pick up most of these items later this week.  They still sound pretty tasty to me. 

*A Lesson Learned: Drinking OJ in labor turned out to be not the greatest idea.


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