Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stackable Easter

Easter stack

We received a cute stack of snack-filled boxes in the mail.  Surprise!  It was an Easter gift from my parents, via Harry & David.

So, just what was inside?


Tiny box: 2 small, completely melted chocolate truffle balls.  I do mean completely melted.  I stuck this, the smallest box, inside the fridge for a day to let things harden back up.  Then we were able to eat the chocolate shells that remained. 

Easter nuts

Little box: A bag of honey-roasted cashews and pecans.  I've never had honey-roasted cashews before.  Quite nice.  Lime would have been a good flavor, too.


Smaller-medium box: 2 bags of Debeukelaer piroulines, also called cigarettes Russes, yummy rolled chocolate and cookie straws.  They tasted just the tiniest bit flat, but I think these always look better than they taste.  I still quite like (and happily eat) them!

Easter Caramels

Larger-medium box: A small bag of individually-wrapped caramels and a large wad of tissue paper.  These were very nice -- soft and buttery and sweet.  You could have fit more in there, H&D!  (I kid, I kid.)

Moose Munch

Large box: A good-sized bag of Dark Chocolate Moose Munch, which is a sort of snack mix with caramel popcorn and dark chocolate.  Almonds, cashews, pecans, and honey were also on the ingredient list.  I was excited about trying this.  Yum!  I love popcorn mixes. If the few moose I've seen in my lifetime (most in Rocky Mountain National Park) were actually eating this stuff, I'd be fighting them at the bushes.  Or . . . maybe not.  Have you seen a moose?  They're large.

Thanks, Mom and Dad!  It was my happiest Easter gift since the days of childhood Easter baskets!  And way better than jellybeans.

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